Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yeah! Rediscovered Self-made Comic Books!

I got a call from my mom today informing me that she found all my comic books that I made when I was 12-16! What a great find! Issues of Scottra, Pope "the inner fury", Nitro, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G&E Power, Aliens with an Attitude, Ninja, Mr. Cavitee, Black Thunder, Mr. Tree, Pulsar, and Masterman. Some self made price guides, 2 old sketchbooks, and a rpg were included as well. It was cool running into hardcover, die-cut and aluminum foil covers again!


Ben said...

Geez dude - I didn't realize how MUCH there was.
I am really excited about reading these!

Scott Allen said...

Oh yeah, it was so fun and inspirational, I even found one of Cliffy's comics too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

it's Byron. saw you signed the Jaxcal.org guestbook. thanks man. haven't been to your site in a while.

hey man these are awesome. I'd like to do a web project with you for these if you are interested. maybe take a few of them, and scan them in page for page and build a site for them. tell me if you are interested. these look amazing man. really cool. no joke. I just think it'd be cool to have a site with all of some kids self made comic books you could look through.

anyway. holla. byronking@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

nevermind then. thought'd you'd get back to me by now.

oh well. would have been cool.