Friday, November 2, 2007

Sharing is Caring

Spartacus Rigsby by the window this afternoon while I was thinking about things.
Some warming up..I like SR's head in the middle..
Erica and I went to visit Ben and Claire at the beach and this drawing came from that time. Ben is working on some art, and the house is from his front porch at 7:30am can't sleep in..


Ben said...

the hand on top is a keeper.
plus it's fun seeing the porch view :)

i hatched the rhino and added whites to it and st.francis.
st.francis is looking strong - the rhino is a little better.

Scott Allen said...

Can't wait to see your accomplishments. I'll bring the camera. So you can post it on your site. Bouncing weird ideas around sounds fun, we should do that , with almost no limitations.