Monday, February 25, 2008

Sta behind the drawings

Lately for practice and skill adjustment I've been doing some self portraits with a mirror on my bed every night. Drawing from life is completely necessary and is more beneficial than drawing from pictures in my opinion. Above is some pencil action, and below, some freehand inking (one of five). Finally the break from working is over and now its time to produce and grow just a little bit more.


Ben said...

Cool man. Are we gonig to get to see the other inked portraits?

Also - if you think your papercraft skills are up to it:

Howl's floating castle papercraft.

Scott Allen said...

Thanks, the other inked portraits are not as successful, but will post more in the future if they look totally awesome. Yeah, I came across those Howl's papercraft, watched the time-lapse video, saw the pdfs to be printed, its a little overwhelming. There are actually two different castles (one with bird feet w/ a face, and one that seems to be floating) anyway, anything new for the upcoming show?

Ben said...

I did a study of this in my sketchbook. nowhere near as good but it was fun using the paintbrush.

I'd like to do some movie poster kinda stuff...the asiatic is being supplanted by the 70's this week.

oh and Claire is really loving the theremin - she's teaching herself scales and stuff.

Scott Allen said...

Cool painting, very up your alley, I would love to see other paintings of the same nature. Thats cool Claire is getting into the Theremin, I wonder if it has a 1/4" jack to hook up to her amp. Just got done watching King of Kong, you'll love the bonus features, we'll talk soon enough to share stories.

Ben said...

bob peak did alot of movie posters form the 70's and 80's. star trek, and star wars.

yes to the 1/4" jack and amp. and last night we hooked it into my computer and played it through my big speakers and i added reverb. that was really neat.

what's king of kong again?

Scott Allen said...

The documentary about Steve Wiebe trying to break the Donkey Kong High Score from Billy Mitchell. A lot of good drama and info of classic arcades/games. Even Erica got into it, very well done.