Sunday, April 20, 2008

A better and updated way to release myself.

Roland TD-7 fused with a Mapex Venus
Ahh, after talking to numerous people in the jacksonville area who were selling Roland TD-7's, I finally came across this set. It works fantastically, and is now part of a hybrid of electronic/acoustic percussion love. The Mapex Venus is a perfect fit, and the Roland being is amplified by a Kustom PA system which matches the volume of the acoustic drums perfectly. Thanks to Mark from Craigslist and Ventojax from Ebay, and my parents for helping make this pre-birthday gift possible.


Ben said...

Woah, a hybrid set!
Can you load custom samples onto the roland set?

Scott Allen said...

The head has memory, but I don't think it can load custom samples. It does have Midi out, so I'm seeing what options are out there.
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