Saturday, May 31, 2008

Boredom to Babies

Who is this guy? I don't know, but I enjoyed his chin wrinkles and decided to draw him.
Above is a modified drawing of my sister's baby, the IF submission is about babies so why not. Boredom with a mixture of escalated television viewing made the below drawing possible. Evan Almighty was on when I was drawing it, so you can tell how bored I was.
I'm in the process of bringing back a high school comic character, and it was like second nature drawing and composing again. Below is a bird that came out well, from a rough draft of the story.
After a couple pages of bringing the bottled up ideas to life again, this character spawned. Some of the design elements are very pleasing, like the repetition of the circles and vertical lines.
The comic is going to be web based and I'll make sure its very appealing to the eyes and brain. When more info comes together I'll post it. Take care friends!


Connie said...

Love the sleeping Kayla. Great lines everywhere.

Ben said...

Weird uncle is great - can't wait to see him in wacky hijinks.

Scott Allen said...

Thanks Connie, and Ben I knew you would like the weird uncle. Good luck with your show tonight.

Amarettogirl said...

THese are wonderful that you made them while watching Evan Almighty (which unfortunately I love --but thats a whole other story!) The line work is excellent as are the development of strong form---I can't wait to see the comic you speak of and I would love to see the character weird uncle come up again! have you seen the comic Kabuki??? you would love it.

Scott Allen said...

Hi Amarettogirl, I loved your comment, and its funny because the comic that I'm developing is similar to Kabuki in some ways. Oh and Evan Almighty, it had a positive message and I enjoyed that, but building an ark for a measly flash flood, and wasting the time of all those animals got to me.