Sunday, May 11, 2008

Quick Sketch, Norman Rockwell and Status

Since my birthday (May 2nd),
I've been dedicating a lot of my time to drums and GTA4, but try to squeeze out a sketch or two, just to keep it real. Above is a sketch of Erica sleeping (big surprise) and was inspired by a book I got about Norman Rockwell (Best of Norman Rockwell, by Tom Rockwell). So many good things are in that book, this part is awesome...
This quote of Norman Rockwell really says it all and is easy to identify with, and here is a super cool drawing of My Studio Burns..
Since this book is by one of his sons, there are tons of unpublished illustrations and studies in it.
If interested in the book, I got it here

In conclusion, I'm working on a painting called Butthole Snaps and will also post a pic of a highly detailed ink drawing of some flowers.
Take care friends!

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