Monday, May 26, 2008

Shot of Inspiration in Orlando

I got a awesome note in the mail from my Aunt Linda, basically making my dreams come true. After a discussion about Norman Rockwell on Mothers Day, she then let me know of an exhibit in Orlando and catered to practically all the expenses. We stayed at the Florida Mall Hotel for 2 days and below is Black Angus Room service.
Here is the museum located in beautiful Lock Haven.

I couldn't take pictures inside the exhibit, too many security guards(managed a couple).
Here are two Rauschenbergs
Chuck Close and another Rauschenberg
The Problem We All Live With looked like it had actual gravel in the paint (sidewalk) and the cement wall behind her is beautifully textured.
The Art Critic, on the actual palette, the colors are just clumps of paint.
Seeing these works was pure joy and provided a great inspiration boost. Norman Rockwell went out of his way to create the best works possible and had an incredible work ethic (7 days a week/8-5pm)
Again, thanks to my Aunt Linda for making this possible.
Now its time to raise the bar...


Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful time! Thank you for inviting me..I hope this trip provided some inspiration.

Anonymous said...

So after I posted this I saw that the title of this blog is "Shot of INSPIRATION in Orlando."

I feel like a retard! lol

Scott Allen said...

and I mention it later too, wow

Aunt Linda said...

Wow, Scott, you've honored me in such a flattering manner! I'm speechless. I may have gotten more joy from this than you.
It was great fun dining and spending time with you and Erica on Saturday night.

Scott Allen said...

That weekend was so enjoyable, and you and Pops made it even better. Thanks again, and we'll see you soon.!