Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Does Bill Sienkiewicz have ADD?

Bill Sienkiewicz impresses me everytime I pick up one of his books. His art is so diverse, almost like he gets bored with one style after another and this reveals more of his conscience thought. Here are some paintings of Elektra, not a big fan of that character(thanks for nothing Jennifer Gardner), but the art is what arouses me.
This is the cover art to Elektra Assassin #1 (above) and following are some sample pages.
What the hell is up with the lower left cell! Awesome!
More goodness..
the tones in the glass are well done, same with the hands, expressions, thanks...
Elektra Assassin #4's cover has a very strong JC Leyendecker influence(composition, stylish babies and pink flowers).
Of course who could forget this cover art...totally bad ass.
I still have some issues of Stray Toasters I haven't gone through and more Elektras, so, there might be a part 2 coming soon. Hope you enjoy his work as much as me. Bye.
Also, while we are on the subject of Elektra, here is a Kent Williams poster I had when I was a kid. Bye for reals.


Brian Gray said...

Hey there Scott. My name is Brian Gray. Ya might know me, ya might not. Either way i run a local blog here featuring Jax underground artists. www.theouterbox.com. I hope ya dont mind but, i really like your work and decided to let my readers know who ya are and where they can see your blog and your work. Just wanted to drop u a line to let ya know.-B.G.


Scott Allen said...

Hi Brian, like I said on your blog, I really appreciate the writeup and look forward to meeting you at TSI on the 11th.
Speaking of TSI, anyone reading this, you should attend the el ten eleven show on the 27th of June, should be awesome.