Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Filling up sketchbooks, here's a glimpse...

been trying to draw every night and recently I like to open the anatomy book and draw whatever is on that page. So here's a skull.

In the current Juxtapoz mag, there is an interview with N8 Van Dyke, and he mentioned he had like 40 something sketchbooks filled up, always drawing, and it shows. His technical skill is topnotch. One of his samples was a decomposing human face and I was touched by it, so I drew my own, and tried to get more aggressive, but you can only get so aggressive with a micron pen. Next to it is some chubby cherub character that I used just to play with the belly fat, and legs. Below, I was drawing a attractive female and decided to put this old man in the background, to aid in my arousal. I think its funny when old, incapable, very serious, hard-ass men try to flirt.
Farewell friends!

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