Friday, October 3, 2008

Art Walk featuring MOCA

The Art Walk on Wednesday housed many delights.
First, I went to the basement in the old library.
Crystal and Clay did a wonderful job taking advantage of this very dark and desolate space.

Below is the band Wudun, they played in the back room which provided great acoustics. At one point, 3 bands were playing simultaneously in the basement, but since the space was huge with multiple rooms, it worked and each one had their own audience.
The MOCA has some work by Marc Sijan

(A++++!!!!~thanks Crystal)
"Sijan's method is distinct and exacting. First, he works from live models, to produce a negative mold in plaster, and sculpts the interior with special tools and a magnifying glass to assure accurate detail. Then, he casts the figure in a polyester resin. To achieve realistic flesh tones, Sijan applies 25 coats of paint --- and adds varnish. Sijan uses oil paint in the final stages of the work."


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