Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Exploring Unknown Terrain

Floating Leaves 1958

Andrew Wyeth still amazes me. I came across these two beauties in Unknown Terrain: The landscapes of Andrew Wyeth, and was on the verge of writing to Betsy Wyeth to offer my soul for "Floating Leaves", but further research found out that the piece was donated to a museum. Anyway, I wanted to share these jewels and the way Wyeth deals with criticism :

"People only make you swerve. I won’t show anybody anything I’m working on. If they hate it, it’s a bad thing, and if they like it, it’s a bad thing. An artist has to be ingrown to be any good."

Untitled (Distant Thunder Study) 1961


Adam said...

good jesus your good.

Scott Allen said...

oh no Adam, these are examples of Andrew Wyeths's work. One could only dream of this watercolor management..