Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Neo-Gouache Pops

Louis Kulma Study
9" x 7.65"
Gouache on watercolor paper


Ben said...

Can you talk about the technique a bit here? I'm guessing you're using gouache for some white areas (hair). Love the new header btw.

Scott Allen said...

Sure, as the title suggests, I'm new to gouache and I decided to experiment with my grandfathers profile. Working briefly with the paint, its like a hybrid of watercolor and acrylic. So after blocking out the head and features I went in with W&N's Venetian Red, Perm White, Alizarin Red Madder, Yellow Ochre, and Phthalo Blue, with different quantities of water. Drips, drybrush, scraping the surface area, smears were all included in the technique. The hair I decided not to get heavily detailed, and its just straight white over pencil above the ear. Didn't want to detract attention from the important areas.

Anonymous said...

Looks great! How long did it take you to do this one? Glad you explained what 'gouache' is. Also loving the new header and signature.


Karen Allen said...

Hi Scott,
Glad you posted this one soon and added the collar. I talked to Poppy this morning and told him about the portrait you did of him, so I hope he logs on soon to see it.

I also like the new header for your blog.

love, Mom

Adam said...

wellll done sirrr

Mercia said...

Hi Scott, this is a truly magnificent portrait, I like your unusual use of colour,it works beautifully.

Scott Allen said...

Thanks Mercia:)