Monday, August 31, 2009

Seeking Toned Amelioration

Friday Night Lights (STA Profile)
graphite and white colored pencil in toned sketchbook
last friday, 2009

Experimenting with Black Intentions
watercolor and ink on watercolor paper
last march, 2009

First Human Skull in Google
graphite with white pastel in toned sketchbook
last saturday, 2009


Ben said...

Woah - black intentions is crazy. good thing you had the skill to pull it off.

Scott Allen said...

Thanks Ben, I thought you saw that one before, yeah, 400 (new kitten) has been going through a stack of my mail/art/papers and found it for me. So I had to post before he ate it.

Radiator Lady said...

yeah black intentions is pretty creepy!... but awesome!