Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Trip to Terre Verte

Behind my suburban/post-rural neighborhood lies a stretch of woods.
A adequate getaway to admire and record nature's aesthetics.

"Are you with the Times-Union?" asks a local fisherman.
Then after 5 minutes of dialog,
he informs me of a 14 foot gator that lives in this very lake!

Soon after, I took a landscape pic,
and after careful analysis, caught a osprey in a mid-air dive...

"ohhh shi-"

"Douche!"and flies away...

Finally, I give you what you want.
A Dragonfly devouring a Ladybug...

...and then the Dragonfly's dance.

A couple more pics are here, and don't litter!


mom said...

Beautiful photography!

Scott Allen said...

Thanks mom!
Lately Ive been wanting to go at different times of the day in pursuit of different activity. The 14 ft Gator will be a celebrity in no time:)