Monday, June 14, 2010

A Dark Night

Harder times produce darker nights
Oil on canvas block
9.25" x 5.75"


Ben said...

Please fix the pic - we can't buy what we can't see.

Scott Allen said...

Time to cure the blind, haha, Thanks for watching out.

Dennis Enguerra said...

Scott, it's time for you to paint other people sitting in front of you. And I don't mean figure drawing at Art Center of from photos (both of which are useful and legitimate). I mean a proper old school sit down portrait session. It's a pain sometimes for the model or expensive for the artist but ultimately good for the work. Offer to trade model time to other artists. It's always more fun to paint a moving target than a sitting duck. Otherwise I can appreciate your point of view and consistency. What this art community needs is a big group critique on a regular basis (formal or informal), that's what made art school so exciting. Challenging and demanding more from each other makes us better.

Scott Allen said...

Hey Dennis! I'm with you 100%, on having a sit-down portrait session and regular critiques. So much information and feeling is lost when dealing with photographs, and "copying" is usually more dominant than "capturing".
Critques in art classes is what I truly miss and I'm not alone. Unfortunately it's a challenge to get us all together due to hectic schedules, but maybe a website that applies the art fundamentals and weighs the current body of work of that artist (to gauge progress, etc) could be a start of something very useful. I know some forums that offer similar ideas, but there could be a more effective way to do it.
Of course, I prefer to see the art and artist in person and vice versa over the digital method, but it could be an option.

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