Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Murray Hill Art Show

March 22, was the Murray Hill Art and Music Showcase. Even though the crowd was not crazy huge, it gave artists the opportunity to converse and network, plus we had time to enjoy the music.
Below is my spot, which was very pleasing, and I was right next to my best pal Ben Davis (art is to the left) 2nd down is Brother Mountain and their epic climatic barrage of drums. 3rd below is a pic of the cafe, and even further down is the retro box office filled with a friend that wants a cut if I make millions on that picture. Ok. All in all a good show, really felt the positive vibe and can't wait to participate in the next one.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spartacus + Beaver Skull

Aww Sparty Two-tones, was an asshole,
climbing the ac ductwork in the garage.
His purpose is trying to get into the attic (his new fav spot)
but tearing up the ac ductwork is not cool.
He was posing this morning before I went to sleep,
so I had to draw him, (this was before he is dead to me)
Just kidding, we are really good friends.

On a side note, sometimes I like exploring with spraypaint.
Covering huge pieces of cardboard/wood in minutes is somewhat delightful.
Below is a beaver skull.
When I first started to spraypaint I really sucked, now I just suck.