Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June Marvene aka: Grandmother Commission

The Subject.
After receiving a choice of about 5 pictures, this one was the most interesting and revealing. Others were way too dated and/or flash on her glasses commanded a focal point, plus, this picture represents a current time that is familiar to her family.

As you can see, the painting was looking a little grim,
so I had to add some color, bring energy...

Speaking of energy, it's the neighborhood socialite, Tiger !
Thanks for stopping by friend:)

June Marvene
oil on canvas

******* UPDATE *******

8/11/09 The client wrote me an email sharing her mom's reaction when she received the commission as a present, the response made my soul illuminate:)
[My mom's] reaction was unbelievable. Of course, she cried, but after that was all over, she was amazed at the detail you put into the piece. She commented on her ears (which were very unique) and a spot on her chin that you captured so realistically. She loved the fact that there is life and energy in the painting, which will be the perfect tribute to my grandmother. She basically sat and held it, staring at it for a long while, taking it all in. She's completely pleased.
The colors are also perfect for the interior of my mom's house. It's like you knew my grandmother and my mom's house!
Wonderful, wonderful job