Thursday, September 25, 2008

Flux, Obama, and Voyeurism

Hello everyone, sorry this post is a little late, but I had to document an exquisite show. The NEXT exhibit was successful in so many ways. Discussing new ideas, meeting new people, and selling a painting made this a night I'll never forget.

Untitled Paint Study sold, and afterward I had to take a little break. When you work on a piece, really get into it, and see it everyday, an attachment forms. Fortunately, the painting is going to a great home.
Below is Erica posing next to
Flowers of Death

Earlier in the day we went to the Obama rally and walked away with this video.

Boredom at 4am

Thanks for reading and to all that came out and supported the show!

Take care

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Introducing: Flowers of Death

Flowers of Death
ink on watercolor paper

These flowers have been around since April 1st (birth of Kayla) and are finally finished! The concept behind these arrangements is universal, so I included it in my Bio for the
NEXT art show this Saturday.

Scott Allen (1977 -), born in Jacksonville,
was brought back to art after a near-death experience.
“No one knows how long they have to live, and after some fatal close calls, everyday is now spent illustrating the aesthetics of nature with an esoteric approach,“ says the artist. For example, in Flowers of Death, each piece has an abundance of youthful flowers, but hidden iconography reveals just the opposite,
a concept we all share.

Flowers of Death II
ink and ink wash on watercolor paper

Black and White Portraits

Alas, a painting I'm currently working on of my Dad and baby Kayla. Lately, painting with simple color schemes on wood has been very rewarding, especially when you rub off some paint to expose the wood for mid-tones! When this painting is finished, I'll update this post.

Friday, September 12, 2008