Sunday, November 4, 2007

Frog Overkill

A 4"x6" watercolor/ink frog piece made himself a candidate for the makeover challenge!

VvVvVvVvV Lets See the Results!

IF: Instinct


Ben said...

good stuff - the makeover was a courageous victory!

Scott Allen said...

Yeah, it took awhile to make it work. Trying to control spraypaint on a 4x6 card is a challenge.

Matthew Smith said...

amazing technique!! very impressive!

Peter Breese said...

Beautiful, very nice image.

Indigene said...

Cool makeover, although I liked him better as a frog! :)

CATI said...

very nice drawing!
I like the whole air of colours, a bit decadence, end of century..very nice!