Saturday, May 8, 2010


Last week I found a ammo box in the woods...

..and after inspecting the materials,
they reveal the world of Geocaching

...and this gold trackable geocoin!

In the end, I put everything back the way I found it,
and added some treasure of my own.
So if you want to get rich, track it!


Anonymous said...

a verry late reaction, but we're happy our coin is still traveling. we already given up after not hearing from it again.
Thanks, the race is still on :-)

Scott Allen said...

So, is the coin still traveling? I sure hope so. Unfortunately, that spot has become a high traffic spot for fisherman, so I'm thinking a local came across the ammo box if the coin is inactive.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by and the best to you!

Scott Allen said...

Update: I saw in the travel log that the coin has been discovered by two different geotrackers so its still alive! Awesome:)

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